Tire Classification: Vitour Tempesta P1
Updated: February 3rd, 2024
Published by: TRSCCA Solo Chair

If you've researched or perhaps even purchased the Vitour Tempesta P1 tire, by now you know that the SCCA Solo Event Board (SEB) has added them to the National Event Exclusion List: 


13.3.C.4. National Event Exclusion List – Tires appearing on the following list are not eligible for SCCA National Solo® events however may be used in Regional Solo® competition.
• Vitour Tempesta P1


The Tennessee Region SCCA Board has decided to allow this tire only in classes not restricted to 200tw tires per the SCCA Rulebook (such as Modified or Prepared classes). If you have any questions about the legality of this tire in your class please email our Solo Chair for clarification.

Tire Classification: Vitour Tempesta P1