TRSCCA Traveller Award
Traveller Award
We have created an award for travelling and representing TRSCCA! We love seeing our stickers out and our members representing us all across the US. Points are awarded for most automotive related events but have an emphasis on SCCA sanctioned events.
  • Must be a TRSCCA Member
  • Must have TRSCCA stickers or magnets in two places on your vehicle.
  • Must send proof to either,, or message us on Facebook to have points recorded.
  • (TRSCCA will not be responsible for searching or looking up results)
Points Event Type
7 Points SCCA Nationals Event
5 Points SCCA National Tour Event
(Champ tour, Pro Solo, Time Trial Tour)
3 Points
  • Other SCCA Region Event
  • SCCA Track Night In America
2 Points
  • Non-SCCA Autocross
    (Good Guys, Optima, LS Fest, Ford Fest, Moparty, etc.)
  • Optima USCA
  • Endurance Racing
  • Track Day (HPDE, HPDI)
1 Point Cars and Coffee or car show representing TRSCCA